Page Transitions are back – I don’t like it!

I remember when I created web pages in 1998. With the release of IE4 at that time, it brought a lot of new features and these offered some weird options. We were happy, we were lucky, but for what price?

I wrote this article as I found this article talking about Smooth and simple page transitions with the shared element transition API. This directly reminded me of the Page transitions that IE4 had. We used it, and pages started looking like presentations. Even later in the days.

I’m not sure if I want this. We will have more and more animations and less content. I don’t want to see the repeating animation instead of the content. Maybe funny the first 10 times, but getting boring when you click around for information. Then an even 500ms animation can get useless spent times. And that was, why the page transitions also were not a breakthrough thing.

It also seems to be some kind of duplication of existing features like CSS transitions. Just currently proprietary.

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